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Drug-Free Pain Relief. Backed By Science.

How PainPod Helps You
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Your Palm-Sized Pain Relief Companion

It sits neatly in your hand, is easy to use and relieves pain, eases aches and aids recovery for thousands of people across the world. The PainPod blends biotechnology and physical therapy into a tiny device designed for one purpose: to help make everyday life a little easier — whether you’re struggling with a bad back or recovering from surgery.

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About PainPod | Brand Story

Drug-Free Pain Relief Anyone Can Use

When ancient Egyptians stumbled across the shocking effect of electric fish on the body, they discovered a primitive form of biotechnology. Today, we harness that power to do much more.

Based on a clinically-proven electrotherapy method called TENS — Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation — PainPod uses gentle electrical impulses to block pain signals. This works in a similar way to many drug-based painkillers, as they work on the same principle of stopping pain signals reaching your brain. However, these drugs – specifically, opioids – come with a range of side-effects, along with the risk of addiction. With TENS and PainPod, you don’t have to deal with either.

With TENS, you get more than just a drug-free alternative to stop pain signals. When you use PainPod, it also triggers your body to produce “Endorphins” – hormones that act as natural pain relievers to reduce physical or emotional stress. They also give you a sense of well-being, which is why they’re often called “feel good hormones”.