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Overcoming injury or trauma with physical therapy can be an ordeal most of us face sometime in our life. Find the faster way to recovery by using PainPod in your rehabilitation.

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The Road To Recovery Is Tough

If you’ve ever faced a long recovery, whether from surgery, accident or injury, you know it can be a frustrating process… especially as you get older. It also means a lot of gruelling work to build the body back to its normal, healthy condition. One way you can “shortcut” the recovery is with PainPod. Used regularly around the affected areas of your body, it can re-educate your muscles and improve blood circulation, as well as help restore flexibility and joint range of motion. Plus, you can use it to increase your muscle mass and reduce the risk of muscle wasting from long bed stays, giving your rehabilitation a stronger foundation to build on.

Portable pain relief that fits in your pocket
Lithium battery, so it goes harder for longer
Strength and conditioning feature built-in
Improves circulation

What Do You Need Help With?

For many, sports are a way of life… along with the injuries and soreness. With PainPod, you’ll be back on the pitch, field or court faster.

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Strengthening1, 7

The road to recovery can often be more difficult than the surgery. PainPod helps you get back in action faster.

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Post-Surgery2, 3

Work The Muscles, Not Just The Nerves

While it provides one of the best drug-free ways you can reduce pain, PainPod isn’t purely for pain relief. It can also deliver EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Both use electrical pulses, but whereas TENS targets the nerves that block pain signals to the brain, the pulses from EMS target the muscle directly, causing it to contract, and enabling it to strengthen and grow. EMS also increases blood flow, providing a faster path for getting more restorative nutrients to affected areas, which can also speed your recovery4   from injury or surgery. 

As the research shows, our bodies really do respond to EMS pulses that PainPod delivers. Studies have reported that this mode of electro-stimulation can have a major impact on the musculoskeletal system, including arresting muscle weakness5, reducing muscle atrophy6, improving strength7 and increasing muscle endurance8.

In a recent survey, 81% of people who own a PainPod and play sports use it to help their recovery.


Get Your Body Back Stronger, Faster

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