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Fast-Acting, Easy-To-Apply Pain Relief

Don’t put up with chronic pain or everyday aches that hold you back. With PainPod, you can start living on your terms again.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Sooner or later, we all have to deal with body pain at some point. A recent global survey1 reported that 95% of us have experienced this at some time. With that pain comes a noticeable drop in how you enjoy life. Brighter moments are dulled, and it gets harder to do even simple things. Relationships with friends and family suffer, and almost 50% of people said that pain made them feel older and less attractive.

The ‘go to’ approach in health care at the moment is to prescribe medications (opioids) of various kinds; however, these bring their own complications. What if you had a way to ease those aches without risk of the known side effects that are often caused by “taking your meds”? What if there was something that brought relief after just a couple of short uses? With PainPod, you have that something.

Clinically-proven pain relief
Easy to use — just stick the pads on and you’re ready
Suitable for pain relief from most health conditions

What Do You Need Help With?

If you’re battling chronic pain that keeps you from a full, healthy life, PainPod is your “secret weapon” to manage it.

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Chronic Pain2

Dealing with little niggles that get in the way of enjoying life? PainPod can help you bounce back and do more with your day.

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Everyday Aches3

Pain Relief In The Palm Of Your Hand

While the technique PainPod uses might sound complicated — TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation — it’s actually a simple process. Using special electrodes, PainPod sends small electrical pulses through the skin (“Transcutaneous”) of the affected area. This prevents or reduces any nerve-related pain signals being sent to the brain. But these same impulses come with a second benefit. They also stimulate the body to produce natural (vs opioid-based) pain relievers called endorphins2, giving you two drug-free pain relievers for the price of one!

The big question many people have when they see the PainPod is: “Does this really work?”. Well, the short answer is yes. And the long answer… absolutely! Dozens of studies set in clinical and real-life situations have proven this3. Plus, it’s suitable for people of all ages, and is so simple to use that you can start feeling the difference within a few minutes.

In a recent survey, 95% of users said that PainPod reduced their pain and helped them to get on with daily living.

The Answer To Ease Your Pain

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