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The Advertiser - Top Gadget PainPod Three

Electrocuting the pain away sounds like a really weird thing to do, but oddly enough, this thing actually makes a difference. People have been swearing by TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) devices for years, and while it's possible to get a basic one for around $120.

the PainPod Three has all the bells and whistles. It is important to note that independent studies proving the effectiveness of TENS devices are thin on the ground, but in our unscientific testing on multiple people, we found it eased period pain, an injured hamstring. an arthritic hip and chronic lower back pain.

If you find yourself without access to drugs or a heat pad, this is a great subtle way to treat pain.

In the box you get the PainPod device, with its 12 settings, some wires and some conductive sticky pads.

You can also get special shoes and gloves to simulate and o massage where you need it.