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Zap your muscles with electricity, starve yourself of oxygen (in a tent) and use a 'PainPod': 6 ways to get REALLY fit

+ Easy to use

+ Lightweight

- Admittedly unpromising name

Okay, PainPod sounds like something Ming the Merciless might employ in his interrogation chamber, but this is accidentally intended to prevent discomfort, not cause it. 

On top of knowing how much workload you should put in on a specific day, it is also important to prevent, or cure pain and injuries when they occur. The use of electro stimulation for pain relief in sport (and elsewhere) has been around for a long time now, with Compex being one of the pioneers in the field. 

The idea is again simple and smart: muscles are normally moved and activated by neurons and electric inputs. PainPod effectively replacing your nervous system whilst in use, inducing muscle stimulation to achieve specific goals and targets around reducing pain and speeding recovery from injuries.

This offers 12 specific treatments and 20 intensity settings. A manual is thankfully provided to guide you on how to place the pods on your muscles properly – it's not an intuitive process but you'll soon get the hang of it.