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Low Back Pain

If you are suffering with back pain, you are not alone. About 80% of people - both Australians and Americans - are right there with you, and 8 out of 10 have pain at least one day a week.

That’s a whole lot of pain.

Until now you may have thought you were stuck with limited choices and limited relief.  Stuck with the side effects of pain-killing drugs and a life of NSAIDS, muscle relaxants, massage or physiotherapy. Here at PainPod, we want you to know that you have another choice. A choice to be pain-free on your own terms.  We want to share the knowledge of an effective, proven, drug-free solution that’s been shown to banish the pain of a problem back. 

It’s called “Electrotherapy” and it can be administered by every PainPod device.


What is Electrotherapy?

Ever since the ancient Egyptians stumbled on the fact that shocks from electric fish had beneficial effects on the body, the use of electricity has been known as an effective way to manage pain. Since that time, electrotherapy (as it came to be called) has been used to treat pain for a range of issues including musculoskeletal, dental, neurological, psychiatric, gynecological settings. 

During the last 25 years, as technology progressed, a growing number of clinical investigations and human trials have consistently reported that electrotherapy devices using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) are effective for pain relief. There is now high-quality evidence that TENS helps to reduce the use of pain medication for a wide range of health related conditions 1 including when prescribed for low back pain 2, 3, 4. As an additional benefit, with the easing of pain there is also an associated improvement in quality of life 3. 


How Does PainPod relieve back pain?

The TENS technology embedded in all PainPod devices works to alleviate pain in two ways; Firstly, it sends small electrical pulses into the affected area which block any pain signals your body sends to the brain. When this happens, your sense of pain is reduced, or you do not feel any pain. Secondly, these same electrical pulses cause the body to produce specialized hormones called endorphins – known as the body’s “feel good” hormones – which also reduce your sensation of pain. So …  it’s a double whammy!


How do I set up my PainPod for relieving Back Pain?

You can do this in either of two ways (i) Using the BioBelt / BodySystems Belt or, (ii) using individual pads.

  1. For the BioBelt or BodySystems Belt, simply fasten the electrodes to the outside of the belt and secure it around the waist covering the painful area, as shown below. Adjust settings according to directions in the PainPod manual. How to Use information can be found here

  1. For individual pads, simply attach pads directly to the low back on either side of the spine at the source of the pain, as shown below. Adjust settings according to directions in the PainPod manual.

Turn the unit on - and feel the benefits almost immediately! With PainPod you are not confined to the coach – the unit fits right in your pocket so you can walk around freely while your pain goes away!


Find your way to be one of those 2 in 10 that can be free of back pain!