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Meet David Morgan, the Australian swimmer, Olympic and Commonwealth Games Medallist.

Born in Wales, David made his way to Australia with very limited swimming experience.

As a five-year old, he told his school teacher that he had just one ambition: to swim a length of Butterfly. Then, at just 11 years old, David began swimming at his local swimming club which sparked his obsession with swimming. Fast forward to now, he can do a lot more than swim one lap of Butterfly. In fact, he can do this very quickly!

What drives David to swim lap after lap in the swimming pool, is the pride he feels when representing his country. He has swum for Australia every year since he first made the Australian Swim Team in 2014. After coming away with a Bronze Medal at the Rio Olympics for the 4x100m medley relay and a Silver Medal in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games for 200m Butterfly, he now has his eyes set towards the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He will continue to work hard in his home town of the Gold Coast, where he trains under Chris Nesbit at the TSS Aquatic Club.

Although David’s road to the Tokyo Olympics have been delayed a year, he continues to prepare and practice relentlessly. David loves using his PainPod before training sessions and competitions for warming up his shoulders, as it is very important because butterfly is a very shoulder dominant stroke. Secondly, after a hard workout, whether it is from doing a big gym session or swimming lots of kilometres in the pool, it allows his muscles to relax and recover, ready for another hard training session. Combining the technology with his hard work in and out of the swimming pool gives David a competitive edge over his rivals.

If you’d like to follow David’s journey you can find him at:

Website: https://www.davidmorganau.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidmorganswimmer/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/david_morgan_swimmer/