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Proven to speed recovery. I00% natural. Drug Free.

The  biotechnology in every PainPod® combines frequency treatment formulations with advanced waveforms and physical therapy medical technology that is used by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports trainers to assist in the rehabilitation and recovery of sports and other related injuries.

Enhancing and  harnessing over 50 years of medical and sports research,  it’s been scientifically developed to assist with 2 types of recovery…

Recovery From Injury, Surgery, Pregnancy and Other Trauma:

As well as relieving pain,  the PainPod helps rehabilitation after surgery, pregnancy and other muscular  injuries in exactly the same way it helps athletes recover after exercise.

By placing  BioPads directly around the affected area,  gentle, pleasant sensation bio-pulses pass through the body tissues directly to the target area helping  to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation,  allowing more vital nutrients to access the area, speeding up the healing process.

Other issues such as muscle spasms, common in injury-affected areas, can greatly reduce with application of the Painpod pulses.

The risk of muscle atrophy (muscle wasting) while in recovery, caused by by not using the muscles for an extended period of time, can be greatly reduced using the strength and conditioning feature of the PainPod.

Surgery patients, injured athletes and new mothers get back to full fitness and mobility much more quickly because it not only speeds recovery and rehabilitation but also maintains muscle strength and conditioning during periods of limited use.

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The PainPod is the ideal drug free, pain free, affordable, personal solution to rapidly speed up your body’s recovery from all types of activity, injury and trauma.


Recovery From Physical Exertion: Training, weights, everyday fitness & physical competition

As you train, play or engage in physical activity your muscles become weaker and break down. It’s  only during  the immediate post-training or recovery period as the body repairs exercise strain that full strength and  conditioning gains are made.

So, if you don’t fully recover before your next game or training session,  you won’t gain the full benefits of your last workout, nor will your muscles be ready to perform at full capacity in the next session.

This causes a cycle of muscle fatigue that seriously limits physical capabilities. Using the PainPod  during this  rehabilitation and recovery phase, speeds muscle repair and enhances effective recovery, meaning greater performance gains and lower likelihood of injury relapse.

PainPod empowers you with a vital edge that will  maximise  your exercise results and help you to be fit, strong and fully repaired every time you need to perform at your best.

What’s the Science?

The biotechnology in every unit  combines frequency treatment formulations with a range of  advanced waveforms that are transmitted through the skin.

Gentle bio-pulses pass through the body tissues and muscle groups,  stimulating  blood-flow and improving circulation, speeding the body’s natural healing or conditioning process.

The unique waveform of these electrical pulses mimics the body's natural contractions, allowing  signals to reach deeper into the muscle fibres without fatiguing or stressing the muscle,  helping the body to deliver more nutrients, removing  excess waste  and toxins from the targeted area, maintaining vital body functions for recovery post activity or injury.

The stimulation also helps increase production and release of Myokines, which bring about  the body's tissue regeneration and repair along with  maintenance of healthy bodily functioning.

The physical tissue manipulation  ensures the correct remodelling of repaired tissues,  so avoiding any dysfunctional movement in the future.

Using the PainPod after exercise means your body receives the optimal amount of mechanical stress to facilitate all these functions while avoiding any extra fatigue to your recovering muscles.

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Contraindications: DO NOT use an electrotherapy device of any kind; • if you have a pacemaker or any kind of electronic implanted device • if you have a cochlear implant hearing device • on your torso if you are less than 37 weeks pregnant • if you have a severe heart disorder • if you suffer from epilepsy • if you already have DVT. Consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant, prone to seizures, have cancer or are recovering from cancer. PainPod advanced physical therapy medical devices are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as ARTG Identifiers: 176131, 46573 and 288990. Always follow the PainPod instructions for use or as specifically directed by a healthcare professional. See Warning pamphlet for contraindications. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional. If you require more information, contact us today.